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Everything about Telephone Area Codes

Everything about Telephone Area Codes

Looking for UK telephone area codes? Our telephone number instrument would definitely assist you hunt for areas and codes.

In fact we have an absolute guide for the telephone numbers in the UK, comprises telephone area codes as well as special phone number prefixes.

All you have to do is to enter the codes or prefixes to come across the location or service this is for, or find out the place to obtain its area code.

In addition included are facts regarding other telephone number prefixes designed for mobile phones, premium rate services along with big business line!

Look through all area codes and prefixes

As a substitute, test out the complete list of UK telephone area codes, at times also known as ‘dialing codes’ or ‘STD codes’, in addition to prefixes for cell phones plus extraordinary services.

Guide to telephone numbers

Have a fast general idea of the different categories of telephone number in use in the United Kingdom now, or discover a little more in the descriptive articles on phone numbering.

International dialing codes

Accordingly directives are for forming phone calls to other countries, additionally advice on how-to call the UK from abroad.